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Time and space now started to mean something more than three meals a day, a raise now and then, college education for the children, and the IRS. And that book, with the neat lines and the quotes from all the wise men from Ptolemy to Newton to Einstein to J. Watch Out! Be warned: Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur has the lines that will hook you, too; she's one of those wise thinkers in astrology who really knows what she's talking about. This book is a breeze. For example getting back to the Pisces issue, please , their "Fish Facts for Pisces" talks about the delightful character trait to live largely in the world of the imagination, the realm of dreams, where objects and events seem to have no connection to outer reality.

I, the Capricorn warlord of accomplishment, I love it! But then, they tack on the lines that show you the substance within all the fun: "Above all, Fishes Pisces are here to give, not just to those like themselves, but to anyone who needs their help, love, attention, or whatever. Isn't that valid? And that's just the beginning. How do all the traits, powers, and interrelationships among the planets within the signs reflect your life, the details of your progress, the outlines of your dreams, the dynamics of your relationships?

Well, my fateful train ride those many years ago took me to write some twenty-four technical astrological texts of my own, to lecture throughout the world, and to appre- ciate this "Complete Idiot's Guide" to the field I love. I can tell you for sure that, from now on, when I introduce newcomers to this fascinating world, I will recommend this guide.

They, and you, will be thrilled with Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur and Lisa Lenard's introduction to seeing stars. It's expert, it's charming, it's easy. All Aboard! And you probably know your Sun sign, too. But did you know that Sun signs are just the beginning of astrology? Did you know, for example, that all 12 signs appear somewhere in your own birth chart? Or that, in addition to the Sun, the Moon and planets appear in your birth chart, too? Have you ever heard of astrological houses?

Based on the date, place, and time of your birth, the planets and signs in the houses of your birth chart create a metaphor for you. While there are hundreds of astrology books out there, some general and some so technical they make even our heads spin, this book is unique because it's about you. It shows you how your planets in their signs and houses can help you understand more about yourself and your life. It ex- plains not only what all those symbols for signs and planets mean, but also how they connect with your everyday life — who you are, who you love and who you don't!

Astrology can explain all of that? Yes, it can. Planets are the what of astrology, show- ing the various energies at work in your life. Signs show how those energies behave in your birth chart, and houses are where the various areas of your life unfold — from relationships to financial concerns! Read on and find out more about astrol- ogy and you. How to Use This Book While the central material of this book will make more sense if you have a birth chart in front of you, it's not a requirement — and it's certainly not needed for the early or later parts of the book.

We do strongly recommend, though, that you start with a birth chart in hand — and we've provided a coupon in the back for getting your birth chart drawn up. If you'd rather, you also can get one from your local metaphysical bookstore; see Chapter 19, "Getting Started," for more details on how to do this. Part 1, "All About Astrology," introduces you to astrology: its history, some of its branches, and the basics of exactly what a birth chart is — and what's in one. This is more than just a cursory look; it's an analysis of each sign in love and health, at work, at home, and with money, as well as each sign's best and worst sides.

You'll also look at your ascendant, or rising sign. Part 3, "Good Heavens: Heavenly Bodies, Houses, and Your Astrological Chart," moves through the planets in each sign and house so that you become more familiar with the potentials for each one. You'll also learn about the effects of retrograde planets.

Then we'll explore relationship astrology — and take a look at Julia Roberts's and Lyle Lovett's charts. Part 5, "You've Done Your Chart, Now You Want More," discusses some associated sciences: Tarot, palmistry, numerology, and psychic intuition — and their connections to astrology. Part 6, "Astrology's Spin on the Globe," shows you how astrology is connected to your everyday life.

Here you'll learn about Moon phases and how to use them to have the best garden in town. You'll also discover how to time your business and money decisions wisely. So welcome to your past, your present, and your future. Fasten your seatbelt for an as- trological ride — and guide — through your life.

Extras In addition to helping you understand and learn more about astrology, there's other good information in this book as well, highlighted in sidebars like the following: Star-Crossed Take care with these cautionary sidebars; they can help you avoid making astrological errors. Heaven Knows These astrological tips are just the tip of the iceberg to all that the heavens hold!

XXIV Introduction Acknowledgments Astrology assumes the interconnectedness of all things, which is called synchronicity. And how we came to write this book is a tale of synchronicity: Lee Ann Chearney at Amaranth, our book producer, happened to be in Colorado several years ago, and Lisa happened to meet her there.

Then Lisa found Madeline online when Lee Ann approached her about this book. Synchronicity acknowledges that there are meaning- ful coincidences, and this book is proof that they do exist. Most of all, thanks to Madeline, who, gently yet firmly, time and time again, took a little sailboat named Lisa that had drifted off course and set her in the right direc- tion.

She dedicates this book to the memory of Nikko and Loba, two wonderful dogs. Madeline gives many thanks to David, Aria, and Lee Ann for their support, and to the clients she had to reschedule to meet this book's deadlines.

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A special thanks also to Harold J. Langseth, her first business client, and to all her friends, peers, and clients for their continued encouragement. Most of all, she gives thanks to Lisa for finding her and for creating a funny, readable book about a complex topic. She dedi- cates this book to her late brother, James, her family's first author.

Special Thanks to Noel Tyl Both of us would like to give a very special thanks to world-famous astrologer Noel Tyl, for reviewing and endorsing this book. When we caught up with him he was preparing for a tour of South Africa, guiding correspondent students, writing a book, and, of course, seeing clients! His graciousness in accommodating our special needs was truly tremendous.

Noel Tyl is well-known for his more than 24 books on astrology, his frequent talks throughout the world for over 20 years, and his pioneering work in the connections between psychological need theory and astrology. True to his Capricorn nature, Mr. Tyl has distinguished himself in many ways, and we are thrilled to have his endorsement. Special Thanks to the Technical Reviewers The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology ; First Edition, was reviewed by an expert who not only checked its technical accuracy but also added significant insights and sug- gestions.

Our special thanks to Joanne Wickenburg. Wickenburg is one of the foremost astrologers in North America. She has con- ducted classes and workshops throughout the U. She is one of the founding Board Members of The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences, the first-ever liberal arts college in which the complete curriculum is de- signed around astrology. Wickenburg has served as both president and treasurer of the Washington State Astrological Association, who presented her with the Most Inspirational Astrologer award in A frequent lecturer for numerous national and international astrology conferences, Ms.

Wickenburg is the author and co-author of several popular books on astrology. We thank Arlene for her attention to techni- cal accuracy and insightfulness, particularly in regard to relationship astrology and astrology and psychic intuition. Trademarks All terms mentioned in this book that are known to be or are suspected of being trademarks or service marks have been appropriately capitalized. Alpha Books and Pearson Education, cannot attest to the accuracy of this information.

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Don't assume that if you know one possible interpretation for a particular item, you under- stand it completely. The moon sign changes every few days. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein. When your Moon sign is Scorpio, you are proud, moody, and possessive. Beach Days are basically every day in LA. To be born under the Gemini Moon foretells liveliness and versatility.

Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark. Why are so many people interested in it? Well, for starters, it's not a "dark art, " and smart people use it every day. Astrology studies the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets and their connection to everyone and everything on Earth. Are you ready to get in touch with ancient rhythms and apply them to your everyday life? Then pack up your open mind, your curiosity, and your sense of humor and come along for a fascinating tour that takes you beyond your Sun sign to what astrology reveals about you.

V y Chapter 1 What Is Astrology? Astrology, in fact, was the first sci- ence. As early as b. It's a pretty safe assumption that astrology existed even prior to this. Astrology soon developed into an incredibly complex practice. By b. Not only did the magi priests trained in astrology and other sacred knowledge study the stars, they looked for omens in the weather, predicted the future from the livers and intestines of ani- mals, and listened to what they believed to be the words of trees, dogs, cats, and in- sects to hear what they had to say. It is ac- tually the study of cycles, indi- cated by planetary movements and associated with energies and events occurring at the same time on Earth.

It uses the har- mony of the universe to observe the possibilities of human behav- ior and experience. Astrologers analyze the position of the plan- ets at the time and place you were born to map your strengths and challenges and your soul's purpose. Heaven Knows Your birth chart represents your possibilities: knowing if you have a tendency to be direct in mat- ters of business or circumspect in matters of love, for example, can help you determine how to use such strengths and weaknesses to your best advantage.

Think of as- trology as a way of discovering more about your unique self! Let's forget about the magi for the time being, though, and picture our ancestors, standing outside, looking up. What did they see? Well, they saw what we see — stars, and planets, and meteors. They saw the Milky Way, and the sunrise and the sunset, and the Moon in all its phases. Long before other sciences came along, in fact, astrol- ogy was used to explore the relationship between the position of Earth and the positions of those bodies in the heavens.

In ancient times, astrology and astron- omy were one science, and astrologers were the best educated people: they had to understand astronomy, math, spiritual symbols and mystic meanings, psy- chology, and human nature. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that astrology was taught in the universities until the s, when "rational science" took over. Today, most astrologers are still very well-educated and often hold college de- grees in various fields. They frequently have training in psychology or counseling, and in addition to their in-depth knowledge of astrology have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

Put simply, astrology is based on the relationships be- tween the planets; the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac ; or Sun , signs; and 12 areas of a person's life, called houses. Even after thousands of years, astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, offering explanations for phenomena rational science just can't address.

And you thought astrology was for idiots! Our Calendar Is Based on Astrology You probably didn't know that all common calendar cycles are reflected by the movement in the heavens — and in astrology. A month, for example, is roughly the amount of time between New Moons about 29 days. And, coincidentally, a month is approximately the amount of time it takes for the Sun to move to a new sign in the zodiac. AstroLingo Planets are the "what" of astrology.

They represent the various energies of a person, in- cluding mental and emotional nature, desires, vitality, soul, will, consciousness, and sub- conscious, as well as the people in a person's life. Throughout, we'll include the Sun, Moon, and the North and South Nodes, even though they aren't actually planets. The zodiac is the name of the elliptic pattern the Earth follows in its annual revolution around the Sun.

This path is always the same, and always passes through the same 12 signs. All zodiac signs appear in every person's chart. The needs and styles of the planets are shown by the signs, as well as what methods could be used to achieve those needs and styles. The houses are the "where" of astrology.

Each of the 12 houses encompasses a specific arena of life and is the stage where the drama of the planets unfolds. A year is the amount of time the ancients thought it took for the Sun to travel through the entire zo- diac from the perspective of Earth , but today we know it's the time it takes the earth to travel around the Sun. Still, pretty smart for a bunch of guys without computers! These same smart guys noticed that the Sun was moving through certain constellations at certain times of the year.

Each constellation had a specific meaning for the ancients, a meaning reflected when the 12 zodiac signs were named. AstroLingo Your birth chart is a unique map of who you are. Using the date, time, and place of your birth, it shows the positions of the planets in the signs and houses.

The odds of anyone else having the same birth chart as you are astronomically small! Debunking the Myths We modern types like to think that we know better than to believe in astrology, but much of what we think we know about astrology is actually not true at all. For exam- ple, astrologers never say that the planets influence human behavior, and, not only is astrology not a "dark art," many smart people, including some well-known physicists, use astrology's ideas as the basis for some far more complex scientific theories.

So let's debunk some of those myths about astrology. The Planets Don't Influence Human Behavior The planets do not cause things to happen, or make people behave in certain ways. Actually, the planets are like barometers, or indicators of the same energies occurring on Earth — in people, places, in everything.

We can watch the planets and use them as co-incident indicators of what's happening here, or in a person or place, for example. But to attribute cause or influence to the planets is like attributing the outside tem- perature to a thermometer. No one would do that! Astrology is a symbolic system that appears to work via synchronicity, sometimes known as mean- ingful coincidences, an idea first proposed by psychoanalysis pioneer Carl Jung. In terms of as- trology, this means that what occurs overhead is merely a reflection of what is happening on Earth.

In other words, the two are co-incident with each other, or synchronous. The outer reflects the inner, or, our external lives actually reflect what is happening internally. A person's chart shows his or her soul's purpose. Each person is continually evolving spiritually.

The Bible is actually filled with astrological information and messages, but without training no one would ever know it. For example, the 12 disciples of Christ and the 12 tribes or houses of Israel each represented one of the 12 zodiac signs. Christ ush- ered in the Piscean Age, and the symbol of the fish Pisces is symbolized by fish was used as the secret symbol of Christians. AstroLingo Synchronicity is in addition to being the name of one of the Police's albums the idea that everything in the universe is in- terconnected, a pattern of meaningful coincidences, or, as Jung said, everything that is born or occurs at a particular time has the energies of that time!

One book, for example, the Zohar, describes God as containing all of life — and each life containing all of God. And, according to the Zohar, an astrological chart was considered an expression of the Divine Will of God. Astrology and Science Can Peacefully Coexist Some physicists now believe that astrology shows the order underneath what we see on the surface.

This theory is based on physicist David Bohm's work Bohm was one of Einstein's right-hand men. Bohm's theory explains how inner and outer reality are interwoven, or, as physicist Will Keepin puts it, "The nature of reality is a single undivided wholeness. Keepin explains that for each point in space-time, a unique astrological chart exists. Or, to put it another way, when astrologers define an astrological chart, they need a specific point in space plus a specific point in time — and that point is you! You don't get much more scientific than that!

Smart People Use Astrology Carl Jung not only recognized the synchronicity that is the basis of astrology, he once said, "We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Eliot's epic poem, The Waste Land , is filled with astrological references, and four of its sections are named for the astrological elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

Another well-known user of astrology is Nancy Reagan, who, after the assassination attempt on her husband Ronald Reagan in , used astrology to de- termine the best times and worst times for Reagan to do everything from sign bills to travel to foreign coun- tries.

While the news media made fun of Mrs. Reagan at the time, it should be noted that Reagan was the first president since Jefferson elected in a year ending in "0" not to die in office. Using astrology can't hurt.

For more information, contact:

Many other smart people have used astrology, includ- ing turn-of-the-century financier J. R Morgan, who used astrology for business timing to amass his for- tune. Morgan may have summed it up best when he said, "Millionaires don't use astrology; billionaires do. There are three signs for each element. Famous Astrologers Smart people have been using astrology since as- trology began, and in fact, there are a lot of histor- ical folks who were astrologers. For example Well, it was because they were as- trologers. It is believed that they learned from studying the stars that the Christ child would be born at the time of a conjunction of planets that signaled the arrival of a new age the Piscean.

Still, it wasn't quite as easy at it sounds: the two planets— Jupiter and Saturn — were bright, but not something an average person would have noticed. Even though they were trained astrologers, it took them some time to actually locate Jesus in Bethlehem. But if they hadn't studied the stars, they might not have been looking in the first place! AstroLingo A conjunction of planets means that the two planets appear in the same place in the sky at the same time. It begins a new cycle, a cycle that reflects the planets involved. So maybe you can't remember the Pythagorean theorem try to remember the Scare- crow reciting it in The Wizard of Oz — something about the hypotenuse of a right tri- angle.

It may surprise you to learn that the mathematician responsible for that leap of logic was also an astrologer. In addition to the Pythagorean theorem, Pythagoras also gave us the musical scale, and he believed that, similar to musical harmonies, the larger harmony of the uni- verse could be discovered in numbers as well. It is still believed by many mathemati- cians that the secret of the universe can be discovered somewhere in pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Nostradamus This is the guy who predicted most of the bad stuff that's happened this century, like world wars, atomic bombs, and assassinations. Nostradamus's predictions, written in , foretold everything that would happen from that date until the end of the world, which he posted at c. What did he base those pre- dictions on? You guessed it — astrology. Nostradamus predicted many disasters and tough times, but he predicted some good stuff, too, including a Golden Age, or 1, years of peace, at the millennium let's hope he's right!

After all, in addition to being an astrologer and a seer, Nostradamus was also a practicing physician, so his motto was "Do no harm. Like all 16th-century scientists, he studied the stars, and understood the larger relationship between everything that's since been largely ignored by the ra- tional sciences. Among Newton's many ponderings were questions about the secret of the universe, the nature of gravity itself yes, it exists — but why? It's ironic that scientists after Newton would use Newton's Laws to discount any further examination of the more occult sciences he had examined himself!

Steering by the Stars Well, we all know the ancient navigators thought the world was flat, and yet they got into those ships of theirs anyway. How did they steer? Remember, this is before radar and sonar and cell phones which is probably why it took Odysseus so long to return home after the Trojan War. You guessed it again: They steered by the stars. Ancient astrologers drew maps of the sky, and, just as we notice the Sun rising and setting in slightly different places at different times of year, those maps showed where certain constellations would be at certain times of year.

This was called celestial navigation: Those ancient ship captains could just point toward Orion and sail toward Cairo or wherever it was they wanted to go. And while ce- lestial navigation, the most ancient way to plot a course, can be limited by the weather you can't see the stars if it's cloudy, after all , it is still used today.

But the stars were used for more than navigation: They also were used to help determine when to sow and when to reap, and they reminded people when to celebrate various holidays. The ancient people noticed that there was a regularity to the movements of the planets, and that everything from the seasons to social needs could be predicted by those patterns. Star-Crossed It's popular to assume that astrology is the same as fate.

Not so! Astrology shows potentials, just as a map can show you pos- sible routes. But to think of as- trology as an absolute is a big mistake. Instead of looking to astrology for answers, look at it for choices. You provide the answers — you pick the route you want to take. Astrology is a symbolic system from which we can learn the interconnection between external reality and internal reality.

Like the smart people we've learned about, we can use astrology as a map for our own route through life. Like those ancient sailors, we, too, can learn to steer by the stars! AstroLingo Natal astrology involves the creation of your birth chart based on the position of the planets at the time and place that you were born.

It creates a map unique to you and your true self. Your ascendant is your rising sign, the sign that was rising over the horizon at the mo- ment of your birth. Your rising sign represents the "you" that the outside world perceives, as well as personality traits and needs, and your physical characteristics. Your descendant is the cusp of your seventh house, and represents how you channel your energies through partnerships and relationships. This is called natal astrology ' and this branch is concerned with you — your unique position within the synchronicity of the universe.

Getting in touch with the ancient rhythms of astrology involves both being aware of your constantly evolving history, a history that includes both Now and Then, and your unique position within that history. You'll learn more about just how unique you are in Chapter 2, "Heavenly Revelations.

That's be- cause Taureans are from Missouri: They're constantly saying, "Show me," and if you can't show 'em, they just won't believe it. So, if you're a Taurus, or any of the other Doubting Thomases of the zodiac, keep an open mind. Find the Gemini in your chart, the part of you that's naturally curious, and get in touch with your Sagittarius, where your sense of humor lies.

Sure, it's hard to believe in something you can't see, but we're not asking you to believe; we're ask- ing you to come along and see what astrology has to offer you. You will be surprised — and you'll be rewarded and shown something about the cycles of your life as well! The Least You Need to Know V Astrology, the first science, is a complex study of planetary cycles and their re- lationship with energies and events on Earth.

V Astrology has its own language. Astrology creates a unique birth chart for you, based on the position of the planets in the sky at the time and place that you were born. V Planets are the "what" of astrology.

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Try this Cancer Full Moon Water Ritual for Powerful Release and Rebirth! January 10, , at 19º (also a penumbral eclipse); December 30, , 1t 8º had his natal Sun at 0º of Aries, the most fool-hardy and high-octane of all the signs. .. Personal Growth & Success · Astrology · Divination · Tarot. This month holds a lot of other aspects that will cause some transformation within yourself This is a very important month for making progress and transformation in . The Full Blood Moon takes place on the 13th of October in the sign of Aries. Water: Moon water in a bowl or chalice (charged by the Corn Moon).

Signs reveal your "needs" and "styles. Astrology is used in many different ways, from counseling kings and business leaders about strategies, tactics, and timing to learning about personal astrology for health, vocation, relationships, evolutionary paths, strengths, and challenges. There are astrologers who specialize in the stock market, in business, or in sports.

And there are those who specialize in psychological astrology, which gets to the root of why you behave a certain way and explores your mental makeup. So, move over bro- kers, bankers, personal trainers, and therapists — make room for astrologers! The same astro- logical symbol can represent events in your childhood, people in your life, an internalized psy- chological complex, or a spiritual lesson.

Don't assume that if you know one possible interpretation for a particular item, you under- stand it completely. To fully un- derstand your chart or anything in it takes time, patience, and plenty of study. Remember, there's more to a book than its cover. AstroLingo Relationship astrology studies people's charts to determine their co m pa ti b 1 1 i ty— o r incompatibility.

In addition to helping you understand various areas of your life, astrology also can predict what you might do next. Part of this stems from the fact that people don't change their behavior very much — predicting that Liz Taylor might get married again may not be a great stretch — but because there are actually many dif- ferent ways the same energy or prediction can mani- fest itself, predictions don't limit your scope, but rather, show your direction.

Hey, Liz, maybe another marriage isn't the answer. It's also important to remember that the "outer" re- flects the "inner," so if you're in complete inner tur- moil, that's what's going to manifest itself, not what you want to control and have happen. We all know someone who always seems to pick the wrong guy — that's an example of what we mean here.

You do have more control than you realize, but much of it is given over to your subconscious, and so may manifest itself as your fears — or as a replaying of scenes from your childhood to discredit something you learned then. You may try to run, but you can't hide from yourself. How much conscious control you have usually de- pends on how aware you become of your own issues and strengths.

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Still, what happens is entirely up to you — and what you do with your potential. The Company You Keep Your relationships are based on all the planets, signs, and houses in your birth chart — and how they inter- act with all the planets, signs, and houses in other people's charts. And here you thought it was that great new hairstyle. Relationship astrology studies just how compatible two or more people are, taking into account all the different aspects between the people, as well as what type of relationship it is.

Relationship astrology can tell whether two people are emotionally, mentally, or sex- ually compatible, and whether they would work well together as partners, as boss and employee, "just be good friends" — or recommend they avoid each other like the plague. And while you can't choose your family, with relationship astrology, at least you'll have fun exploring your family's dys"fun"ction. Who knows, maybe you'll gain some valuable insights. Re- lationship astrology can determine if you have similar or conflicting value systems or beliefs, as well as many other specific issues and strengths.

Relationship astrology, in other words, can save you a whole lot of heartache and headaches right from the start. So pay attention, okay? StarFacts In some countries where marriages are arranged, astrologers are consulted first to deter- mine if the two people are compatible. Only then is the couple approved for marriage by the families.

The Signs and Your Career Vocational astrology assesses your various personality traits and needs, your productive resources and capabilities, your special talents, and the paths you have taken up to now, as well as what type of work you will find rewarding in order to recommend the best possibilities for your career. Imagine — all this, just from carefully studying your birth chart. What kind of work you will do is related to your Sun sign — but it's not quite that simple.

Let's use the example of a Gemini Sun sign, which signals work in communications. You might be a journal- ist or teacher, a writer, someone who creates Web sites, or you might work in advertising. Maybe you'll be a manager, negotiate contracts, or work as a partner in a business. Or, you might travel or work with foreign trade, work in publishing, the legal system, or teach at a university. There's obviously a great deal more to choosing your vocation or career than just what your Sun sign can predict. AstroLingo Vocational astrology studies your potentials in order to deter- mine your career or path.

It also can be used for diagnosis. All these examples deal with communications in some way, right? But they're all very different ways of work- ing in communications. Vocational astrologers never look at just your Sun sign — and neither should you. Healthy in Mind and Body Nothing is more important to us than our health; without it, we can't do any of the other things that matter so much to our lives — from love to work to where we live.

And astrology and health have been connected for a very long time. Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and physician who lived around b. These days, most doctors don't do that, but we can still use what astrology can tell us to stay healthy and achieve a sense of well- being. Today, there are medical astrologers — and even physicians — who use astrology to dis- cover what isn't always found through the tests commonly used in traditional medi- cine.

Medical astrology also can be used for more basic information, like understanding your metabolic nature, the types of foods that will be helpful or stressful to you, and general areas that need to be monitored in order for you to maintain your optimum health. StarFacts Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a particular part of the body. The first sign, Aries, is associated with the head, and the last, Pisces, with the feet. But whether the physical part of the body associated with your Sun sign is strong or weak depends on sev- eral factors that are discussed later in the book.

Certain foods may be very good for you — and others may send you spinning. Capricorn, for example, represents the bones, joints, knees, and teeth, so naturally, a lot of protein and calcium are going to be useful if you were born under this Sun sign. Like all of astrology, the connections between the signs and parts of the body are part of the science that holds that the entire cosmos is reflected in the human body.

As Shakespeare's Hamlet muses, "What a piece of work is man. Of course, we're not doctors. Cosmic Investments and Money Management Did you ever think that what you do with your money reveals a great deal about how you feel about yourself? In some signs, people may equate themselves with what they own, while others may see money as a means to an end. As with all astrological possibilities, remember that there's nothing wrong with your personal style; for those who truly feel their home reflects themselves, it does , just as there are people who simply don't worry about money at all.

The natives of each sign handle their money in differ- ent ways: Cancers, for example, tend to hoard their cash, saving it for an unspecified rainy day; while Sagittarians may spend it freely, enjoying what's hap- pening right this very minute. But there are other factors at play in cosmic invest- ment, too, and this is where financial astrology comes into play. Financial astrologers study the cycles of planets to determine the best available investment strategies.

And they study the cycles of companies, too — so they'll know which ones are on their way up and which ones aren't. Does your mutual fund have a financial astrologer on the board? Companies have charts just like people, based on when they were incorporated or started. When these companies have certain positive astrological connections, then their stock goes up. Financial astrologers specialize in investments and the financial markets; many of them put out newsletters to help their clients become successful in the markets.

Let's get a subscription for Allen Greenspan. Astrology also can help determine if you're under good or challenging cycles for fi- nancial investments. If you're investing during periods when your financial cycles are challenging, there's a greater likelihood you're going to lose money, or, at best, not make any.

AstroLingo Financial astrology studies how and when you can best invest your money, as well as the best way for you to manage your fi- nances. StarFacts J. Pierpont Morgan, a very wealthy American financier at the turn of the century, used astrology for business timing purposes. He financed such companies as U. His use of astrology for business investments made him a billionaire, back in the early part of this century when even a million dollars was a vast fortune. One type of astrology in this branch is known as relocation astrology, in which your birth chart is done for the same time and day of birth, but for a location other than your birthplace.

So, your chart changes to show what your life would be like in that location. Hmmm — Australia? Then there's AstroCartoGraphy. As you might suspect from its name, this type is basi- cally a map of the world with lines all over it, showing where in the world your plan- ets were rising and setting at the moment of your birth.

In the place where you now are, you may feel insecure and rarely voice your feelings, but if you moved to a different location, you might be very different; your personality might blossom, and you might be positive and direct instead. Relocation astrology can help you determine in advance what types of experiences you might tend to have in particular places. And, depending on the location, you might have very good career circumstances, a wonderful home life, or transforma- tional experiences that totally change your identity — or you could have more chal- lenges than you ever dreamed of.

Horoscope Junkies Do you read your horoscope? And do you remember it, if you do? Millions of peo- ple in the United States don't leave home without it — without reading it, that is. Are they "horoscope junkies"? A daily horoscope for a Sun sign may read: "A good day for fishing.

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And we don't just mean for fish! Pay attention to possible catches, but throw back the little stuff. What about the rest of us, who read our horoscopes sometimes or never? Are we heading for possible ruination, or worse? Of course not. But it might not hurt us to check our horoscopes a little more often. After all, you listen to the weather report before you go outside, don't you? C'mon, we know you do. Aries Pace yourself at work today. An issue between home and work life may arise. Consider your future with your mate or partner. Try to balance personal relationships with career.

Taurus Today is great for learning, to get a new insight on life, your situation, or to study a new subject. Read, surf the Internet, encourage meetings with people who have different interests from yours. Gemini Think about money, resources, material possessions, and values today. But don't get too lost in thought; please remember to come up for air! Have a meeting of the minds on joint resources. StarFacts Who writes horoscopes, anyway?

The answer is, usually, astrologers do. Astrologers are people who have spent many years studying what the planets in the signs and houses re- veal about daily life. When they write daily Sun sign forecasts, they look at aspects for that day for each sign. Between research and writing, creating daily horoscopes for each sign can be a full-time job.

Free Will Versus Your Daily Forecast As you may have already come to suspect, astrology connects your outer world to your inner world in order to reveal your potentials. And free will is there, too, avail- able to you — if you seek to really understand yourself and become conscious of your unconscious behavior. Or, if your soul has come to have a certain type of experience or learn a particular lesson, there's nothing that's going to prevent it except, maybe death , even if your conscious self is completely unaware of it.

Fate and free will are actually two very different things. It's possible to predict, for ex- ample, that you're going to have major changes to your home life in a certain time period, based on your present cycles. Now you could take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and decide you're going to make that move you've been wanting to make for a long time during that period, or you could remodel or make some other changes to your home. Or, you could wait to get evicted, or for the house to get hit by a tree or by lightning! In the first example, you have choices and you make them: This is free will.

In the second, if you choose to wait for an eviction or catastrophe, it could be called fate. To put it another way, whatever you need to learn, you are going to learn — whether your conscious self wants to or not. This also could be called fate. So in the areas where you have lessons to learn, you really don't have a choice, except whether you're going to cooperate and make it easy on yourself — or not cooperate and make it hard on yourself.

In other words, you do have choices — free will — but they're not about whether you can avoid learning your lessons; that's called fate. The daily forecasts in the newspapers are Sun sign horoscopes only. Your Sun sign may be a dominant feature of your chart, but it's certainly not the only one. The Sun, in fact, is just one out of at least 40 different elements shown in your chart.

Yes, a Sun sign reading applies to everyone with that Sun sign, in the same way that every per- son needs to eat a balanced diet. But each person's individual diet needs are different because of the infinite ways you can mix and match these 40 elements. Sun sign forecasts are very general. You can be undergoing severe stress and difficul- ties because your own personal cycles are at a very challenging point, even though your Sun sign forecast is all cheery and nice for that day.

On that same day, however, someone may say something nice to you. Now, it's not going to be enough to over- come the larger crisis — but it can make a difference. So, can you believe everything you read in the papers? If your Sun sign forecast is written by a reputable astrologer, absolutely. These forecasts are rather general, but as- trologers are looking at more than just your Sun sign to make them — they're looking at the planets and their cycles, and the relationship of the planets to your Sun sign. All of this added together can color a day in a certain way.

Of course, we can't answer the larger question about believing everything you read in the papers: You might want to take some of the things other than your daily forecast with a grain of salt. Ah — hot lines. These are the toll phone numbers you can dial to get your astrological reading for the day. What can we say? Well, for starters, the rates for these hot lines can be very high, usually well over what you would pay a certified astrologer for a session — as much as percent over that amount, in fact.

Now there aren't many astrologers who charge that much — and if they do, it's often because they're highly experienced and highly skilled, with tremendous knowledge. Hot lines, on the other hand, are often staffed with people who may know some as- trology, but usually not enough to be actual astrologers. AstroLingo A certified astrologer is some- one who has not only studied as- trology, but who also has taken professional tests to become cer- tified. These tests are tough. They usually last at least eight hours, and sometimes go for days.

You could save yourself a whole lot of money— and end up with far better advice. Many of these so-called "astrologers" are purported to be working out of their homes — the phone calls are passed through to them when a caller comes through. There may not be anything wrong with this set-up, but it's also not clear what kind of equipment and skills they're using. Whether the hot-line person is ac- tually doing the client's chart while they're on the phone with the client, for example, is unknown. Some of these people may not even have the software and computer to do the charts, and instead may simply look up the client's birth date information in a book, and then answer questions based on that.

It may be better than nothing, but this sort of treatment would certainly provide incomplete information. If, on the other hand, you went to an actual astrolo- ger, not only would you pay far less and get more accurate and better information, the astrologer would prepare and study your chart and current cycles before meeting with you, in order to get oriented to your needs, challenges, and path. Because every chart is quite different, there is literally a mystery in every chart just waiting to be unlocked and revealed. No telephone hot-line person is going to be prepared enough, either in training or adequate analysis time, to evaluate and unlock these important aspects for you.

To be fair, though, hot lines are convenient and don't require appointments. But it can be expensive — and may yield wrong, or inadequate, information. So we say caveat emptor. That's Latin for "let the buyer beware. First of all, it's about you — and about everyone else. It's about your relationships, and health, and jobs, and money — and it's about why you and everyone else behave the way you do. In addition, astrology is about your evolutionary purpose and what your soul came to learn and experience.

Astrology is also about the sky; in fact, some astrologers call the study of natal astrol- ogy "the inner sky. StarFacts Five thousand years ago, Egyptian astrologers saw a comet in the sky, and soon after, the building of the pyramids was begun. When that comet returned to Earth's view recently, we named it Hale-Bopp. Yes— the same comet that helped inspire the pyramids was the one you saw back in the spring of Small world, isn't it? Astrology connects you with everything. Remember Sunday School, where you learned that "God is in everything"?

Remember those physicists, discussing the inner order and the outer order? Both of those concepts are about the same thing — that astrology goes beyond the stars, to the place of each individual in the universe, and the place of the universe in each individual. We don't yet know for certain what's "out there" beyond the stars, but just the fact that our imaginations take us there again and again should be enough evidence that we are connected with whatever may be there. When Sigmund Freud first unveiled his theories of the unconscious, they were called revolutionary — by everyone except astrologers, that is.

Astrologers had been studying the effects of the hidden self on the visible self for thousands of years; they just didn't call it the unconscious. Film producers, sociologists, mythologists, and philosophers alike have all explored the popularity of these films. Part of it is the mythic structure of the story itself. But the main thing everyone who studied the Star Wars phe- nomenon found was the universal appeal of The Force. Indeed, The Force is with us. Just as therapy may reveal your childhood, your dreams, and your hidden hostilities, astrology can reveal things about yourself you may not be aware of.

By looking at your birth chart, you could discover that you have a tendency toward secretiveness and why, or what the placement of Saturn or Pluto in your chart reveals about your power struggles with your father and other authority figures. Astrologically speaking, your unconscious is not really hidden. Medical astrology connects your birth chart to your health.

Financial astrology helps you manage your money. Relocation astrology explores where you live and its relationship to your behavior. Astrology is everywhere and connects you with everything. It looks like a wheel, or a pie, or yet another odd distribution of your taxes by Uncle Sam.

But no — it's your astrological chart, a metaphor for you , designed for the day and the time and place that you were born. To take it a step further, an astrological chart also called a birth chart or natal chart is a map of the heavens for the location, date, and time you were born, and its symbols represent the locations of the planets on that map.

The sample chart is for film director Steven Spielberg. Each of the 12 sections of the circle is called a house, and the mysterious symbols represent the signs and the plan- ets. Soon, this chapter will unlock the mysteries of these symbols for you. As they're unlocked, the chapter returns to Steven Spielberg's chart and unlocks some of his secrets as well. First, notice the information in the top left-hand corner: It shows Spielberg's birth date, birth time, and birthplace: 18 Dec.

Had he been born at another time, place, or date, the chart would be different from what's shown here. The symbols in Spielberg's chart represent the location of the planets, and the signs they were in, at the time, date, and place of his birth. Think of the center of the chart as the position of the earth — and the placement of the planets as what's in the sky all around it. Everything above it was in the visible portion of the sky at the moment you were born, while everything below it wasn't visible. The Left end of this line is the east, not the west, as it is on maps. It helps to visualize this if you imagine yourself standing on top of the world, facing south, at the moment of your birth: east is on your left, right?

Now, the highest point of this chart the upper, heavy vertical line on Spielberg's chart, marked with an "M. Note, too, the horizon line; this is the heavy horizontal line across Spielberg's chart. Its left is the east horizon, and its right is where the Sun sets in the west. Your ascendant, or rising sign — the mask you wear for the world — is the sign at the easternmost end of this line marked with an "A" on Spielberg's chart.

The lowest point in the chart the lower, heavy vertical line marked with an "IC" would be the exact opposite side of the earth from the M. Your descendant represents how you relate to oth- ers through partnerships and relationships. It's the sign next to the horizon center line on the right side of the chart and is marked with a "D" on Spielberg's chart. The following tables show you which signs and planets are represented by which symbols. Each planet represents your different energies, and parts of yourself. Each sign manifests those energies in different ways, and all of these things combine to make you who you are.

AstroLingo Your midheaven, or M. It's the highest point that the Sun reached on the day of your birth. Your I. It's found on the exact opposite side of the earth from the mid heaven. For now, all you need to remember is that your chart shows the position of the heavens at your birth — just as Spielberg's shows his universe. Each of the twelve Sun signs is categorized in a number of ways. First of all, there are two energies , or genders, and each sign is either one or the other. Then there are three quadruplicities, called qualities , each of which appears in four signs.

Lastly, there are four triplicities , each of which appears in three signs; these are called elements. Let's take all that a little more slowly. People born in signs with the same energy, quality, or element will have certain things in common. For example, people born in signs with a cardinal or first quality are likely to be leaders; and people in signs with an air element may always seem to be thinking or communicating.

Now, each combination of energy, quality, and element appears in only one sign. Aries, for example, has a yang energy, a cardinal quality, and the element of fire. Once you understand what each of these characteristics represents, you also can begin to under- stand certain aspects of an Aries personality. AstroLingo A Sun sign represents the position of the Sun in the heavens at the moment of your birth. The energies represent whether the energy manifested by a Sun sign is yang!

Qualities represent differ- ent types of activities and are related to where in a season a sign falls. Cardinal signs begin each season, so they like to begin things; fixed signs, in the middle of each season, are preservers, keeping things as they are; and mutable signs occur as the season is changing, and so are associated with transitions. The four elements describe the basic na- ture of the signs and of life: fire, earth, air, and water, each representing very distinct tem- peramental characteristics.

Energies: Two for the Show Every sign is either direct or indirect, male or female. All fire and air signs are yang , while all earth and water signs are yin. Each energy has certain characteristics that, coupled with the qualities and elements, create a unique picture for each sign. The ancient symbol for the union of yin and yang en- ergies evokes a heavenly sphere of celestial balance. Yang represents the outgoing, the positive elec- trical charge, an external orientation, and the direct, "male" side of things.

Yin represents the indirect forces and actions, those that understand what is needed to attract and create the desired outcome, like the flower that blooms in order to at- tract the bee. Yin is also called the receptive, the negative electrical charge, an inter- nal orientation, and the "female" side of things.

Think of the way a season progresses, from its forceful beginning, its fixed middle, and its transi- tional ending. This is what the qualities represent: each season, as it moves through its paces — and its three signs. You'll notice on the following figure that the qual- ities in each of the signs form a square; that's one of the reasons they're called the quadruplicities the other reason is that there are four signs for each quality. Adult, your economic situation there will be unexpected turn for the better machine.

At least on the surface, this is a full of warmth and love people who are obedient. Only in your territory - family, wife and children body concentration or together with his close friends, in order to express the inner joy comfort. Are you approachable, easy to get along with, very willing to helping the people. Delicious frequent lifting your appetite.

Reclusive, while longing for the beautiful travel and exotic adventure. Sedate and attractive, and study and have their own insightful. Treat career and life very seriously, however, sometimes in spite of the reality opinionated topic or things that do not get you approved, you will be taken tenacious resisted. In general, mothers play a vital role in your life, or that it is hard to get rid of her mother's influence, you can even try to seek the same love through love. You really need the confidence of others, the need for warmth. The your heterosexual emotional needs than the other, or both Chief need.

Introverted and somewhat passive. Sensitive you are easily offended by others intentional or unintentional lack of enthusiasm or neglect. You'd rather far from those tangled or unpleasant things, because you is very susceptible to a variety of dysphoric affect. Better sight of the men with their inclination is not congenial, you will sense the poor mood would rather silent or leave. Cancer men truly happy in the body of your children, you will own all of the fatherly dedicated to you.

Family is sacred Orchestra. This genuine fatherly love to bring you what you must do not mess with the balance of the spiritual. Birthday horoscope Capricorn women are good at to assume the responsibilities of life, and helping the freed from the overload busy. This is an area full of fantasy naive and warm women. Your senses will awake only touched the imagination window.

Is a state of mind forever young, deep in thought frequently hazy consciousness "girl". You love, but often do not know who really make you enchanted. When people trust you, you will be full of warmth, humor and poetry. However, your sensitive nerve frequently go haywire, silent in the accumulated discontent and Youyuan. You always nostalgia for the past a certain thing: your childhood or marriage failed to do so Frequent self-reflection and analysis, you think to yourself, do not quite understand. You need a quiet, harmony and security; your desire for a pleasant living environment can trigger the imagination; like the tire shell attached stone as you like to stay in their own little world.

Melancholy atmosphere, concrete construction and decoration will make you no way to endure oppression. Do you like to own home into a temple to cultivate Mind. Generally speaking, the maternal disposable balance on your body and mind. Feelings of motherly love in this constellation of women who have been fully reflected. Once you have a family, you will go all out to train and educate our children, for our children all the love you gave up. If you do not Passed somehow raised an sadness, your temperament is gentle and pleasant. How do you just want to make their loved ones excitement and satisfaction.

Do you desire from an elderly male fatherly love or protection. Birthday horoscope Capricorn men will understand your desire to bring comfort and love you need. Cancer of the salient features of the child's personality is sensitive. Sometimes you may be sensitive to the extent that is hard to understand. You need the warmth of the family, parents divorced, not or your tragedy, you blow a bigger impact than anything else,, marked deeply imprinted in your thoughts, and even affect your life, but also increased Your innate sense of insecurity.

Your mother you and your fate is critical, especially when the moon has a strong influence in your birth horoscope. Cancer kids most of the time is docile temperament lovely. Your main drawback is capricious. This emotional ups and downs due to your sensitive character. Are you quick to anger. Who has not seen hiding in his room. Cancer is a constellation that will shed a lot of tears, which means that the Cancer child good-natured, impressionable, if this feature you can grasp the will to fully mobilize the enthusiasm. You love strange things are very strong. Blurred magic story, adventure travel or adventure in mind and will make you fascinated.

Learning, inspire you imagine courses: literature, history, music, painting, geography, you can learn a good job, your hobby is very thin and subject to rote. Your ideal career way out: in contact with the public career, music, poetry, fantasy creation, the Navy, the film, theology, food trade, hotel industry or medical work. Character: rich imagination, very sensitive. Sometimes insignificant things will make you feel you are being maligned, but also make you excited. Docile temperament, like fantasy, and often dream Ji escapism. Relatively good at rhetoric, stonewalls and Literature and theater cooperation in order.

There is a certain charm. But not enough emotional chaos, and sometimes caught demoralized. You need the most is the understanding and encouragement, because the lightest your emotions vulnerable people around. Character: great talent lurking, psychology and frontier capacity is more prominent. Thinking dominated by intuition and fantasy. A sense of joy and anxiety have a strong sense. Heart good, frank, honest, but easily offended you willing to engage in any business will exhibit excellent endurance and creativity. Like to travel, memories of old things and a variety of entertainment activities.

Character: gentle temperament and romantic feelings. A less willing to be innovative in terms of actual idealist. Passionate desire to meet life unrestrained. Pleasant, hospitable, Ken tried their very best for their worship of the people. Reclusive, like frequent with something unexpected and uninterrupted change.

To dream of a pig's head indicates good luck. A businessman dreams of a pig's head indicates that he will have a new profitable project. A prisoner dreams of a pig'. Dreaming of souls may be associated with your nearest living condition and mental condition. To dream of a villain indicates that someone around you is concealing some very important things for you, you may have bad luck.

To dream of a villain indicates that you may change w. Dreaming of a child drowning indicates that your child will encounter difficulties. Dreaming of a child drowning but being rescued by others indicates that your child will get the he. Dreaming of getting promotion indicate good news. Dreaming of getting promotion indicate good wealth luck. Dreaming of getting promotion indicate material or moral reward. People always regard the smart and tame dolphins as their best friends.

To dream of dolphins indicates that you will be successful, live a happy life and have good luck because of your. Dreaming of a banquet indicates that you're headed for catastrophe. Dreaming of attending the banquet ind. Wrestling is a lowered position, dreaming of wrestling indicates a difficult life. Dreaming of wrestling indicates that you will usher in a difficult period in life, your futur. Dreaming of gambling indicates that you may encounter twists and turns. You tend to take some speculative and risky moves in business and life. Thus, this kind of dream indicates a wa. Dream of an old belt indicate that you will meet difficulties.

Dream of a new belt indicate that you will have good fame and luck. Dream of the belt being broken indicate that you w. On Wednesday, October, , reminded us that we need to speak directly at. Suitable: workplace dare not express opinions Today you're a little twisted, but that will make a lot of things go poorly.

Overall Opportunity Be sentimental and regretful, please put Cancer down on the first day of August! Financial analysis In August, the financial situation tends to be stable, and the way you break your money is still everywhere and unpredictable. Overview of Horoscope Over the past seven years, as your industry and company have changed, you seem to have experienced more ups and downs in your career.

Cancer men At least on the surface, this is a full of warmth and love people who are obedient. You like with you, full of warmth, love fantasy Pisces women. Warm Scorpio women can evoke your emotions. Cancer women This is an area full of fantasy naive and warm women. Youth, your family has a great influence on you, and sometimes even delay your wedding. Taste appeals to you with heavy feelings of Pisces male. You will indulge in the intense emotional Scorpio male.

Cancer children Cancer of the salient features of the child's personality is sensitive. Power source: attractive Date of Birth: July 2 to 12 days Character: great talent lurking, psychology and frontier capacity is more prominent. Power source: found Date of Birth: July 13 to 22 Character: gentle temperament and romantic feelings. All in all, you Cancer: The sensitive Cancer said: "I think".