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Love and Compatibility for February 1 Zodiac

Pisces Horoscope. Shahid Kapoor In addition to acting, Kapoor supports charities, hosts award ceremonies, and has featured as a talent judge on the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded More Subscribe.

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Read More. While the sexy rebels and tortured souls might leave you weak in the knees and ready to save the day, pull the plug on that self-defeating behavior. As romantic Venus sweeps through your sensitive and low-key fourth house until November 25, turn your attention to people who can nurture YOU too. Snuggle up with bae at home sweet home for a few weeks of domestic bliss. Today, your planetary ruler, romantic Venus, flits into your communication house until November 25, encouraging you to dabble in different expressions of affection.

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You may think that gift-giving is the best gesture, but your partner may prefer public hand -or a long, uninterrupted conversation. Gary Chapman or reflect through journaling. Your creativity could lead to more cash in your pocket over the next few weeks as aesthetic Venus takes a tour through your second house aka the financial district until November If people keep asking to buy something you made by hand, consider testing the market with a limited run. Either way, use the next four weeks to bring touchy financial topics out into the open.

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Avoid future money meltdowns by creating clear agreements now. Diplomatic Venus will help you navigate the bumpy moments. Heart healing leads to fresh starts as romantic Venus embarks on her annual Tour de Sagittarius and revives your romantic spirit between now and November Single Archers will be ready to draw back your bows and aim in a totally new direction. No matter your status, your main focus should be self-love. Some Archers may take a time-out from dating to concentrate on solo pursuits.

With all of your loved ones, stop sacrificing. Balancing the give-and-take will rekindle the affection. Welcome to the fantasy zone.


Romantic Venus decamps to Sagittarius until November 25, spinning a dreamy web in your twelfth house of illusion and starry-eyed romance. Enjoy the sweet escape sponsored by Cupid , but be careful not to let people take advantage of your generosity.

Expand your romantic horizons! Loving Venus enters worldly Sagittarius until November 25.

Pamper each other, no holds barred! Warning: You may swing between extremes, seeing things through a rose-tinted filter one minute and wringing your hands over worst-case scenarios the next. Keep your supportive friends close by to help with the reality checks. You may need to catch up on work and errands or meet deadlines. Today's Mars-Jupiter transit adds a "can do" feel to the day--you're ready to solve problems and move forward.

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Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more. Horoscope Overview for November for Pisces:. November brings special emphasis on learning, sharing, life experiences, and career or reputation, dear Pisces.

There can be a significant meeting of minds with someone in authority, the achievement of a special goal, or another such boost. You can be feeling quite optimistic about your career or social standing, and others are seeing you in a positive light. With Mercury retrograde until the 20th, there can be some backtracking and delays that allow you to refine and improve your projects.

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As well, it's better to wait for a time when people, in general, are more receptive. Pay particular attention to new information and ideas coming to you from the , when there can be a new understanding of past matters that can eventually fuel successful new plans and beginnings. The conversations you engage in now can be inspiring and possibly quite enlightening. Unresolved emotional matters and unacknowledged feelings emerge around the Full Moon on the 12th. You can experience a strong hunger to be understood, to have your say, and to express your ideas or point of view.

Inner discontent is possible if you want to branch out but find it difficult to get where you want to go, possibly due to disorganization in your daily life or upset schedules. If you need a push to make a change, and you're confident it's coming from the heart and not from pride or a whim, then this can be a time to break free. Fortunately, you're likely to find an anchor in a friendship, group association, or cherished dream or cause. Pacing yourself is important in the first three weeks of November!


You may think that gift-giving is the best gesture, but your partner may prefer public hand -or a long, uninterrupted conversation. This is representative for people who are altruistic and dependable just like Aquarius and communicative spirits just like Mercury. This zodiac metal is advised to be used in pendants and earrings. Listen up and act accordingly. Why not pull the trigger and buy the tickets? With Uranus moving into your sector of everyday communications, and bright and breezy interactions on 6th March, some fresh ideas can pour into your existence, and be highly stimulating too. Fortunately, you're likely to find an anchor in a friendship, group association, or cherished dream or cause.

Connecting and cooperating with others is the key to reward and success now. Making plans and setting goals is exciting now! Business connections can be helpful.

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Romantic or friendly connections are particularly likely from public attention or business affairs. Venus enters your social sector, further boosting your appeal, but now primarily through networking and social events. As well, Neptune turns direct in your sign after retrograde motion since June, and you begin to feel reinvigorated on spiritual levels. There can be forward motion with projects or personal plans as well as more confidence and faith in your dreams.

You might arrive at new and improved ways of presenting yourself to others. Solutions for problems that cropped up earlier in the month arrive now.