Capricorn december 23 horoscope

Birthday Horoscope December 23rd

Very high expectations. Not easy to live with! Climbs the social ladder. Not always successful though. Lots of self-doubt. Wants to live life to the full dislikes a boring life. Loves travel. Not subtle. Difficult to adjust to the other's needs. Wants to be in charge at all times. Conservative and moralizing. Severe health issues. Identification with higher goals. Questions everything and everybody.


Birthday Horoscope for People Born on December 23 — Capricorn Zodiac Sign Personality & Qualities in Astrology Forecast. Discover your Destiny and. December 23 zodiac people are on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. This is the Cusp of prophecy. The planets Jupiter and Saturn control the.

Very volatile. Love comes later in life. Needs structure. Very ambitious. Love hurts. Emotionally unstable. Needs excitement. Stubborn and rigid. Stormy love life. A gambler. Fears intimacy. Can be ruthless. Very confrontational. The hero. Issues about in fidelity. Very protective.


Easily bored. Too proud. Cannot sustain love unions. Needs a secure environment. Fixed habits. Very private. Easily misunderstood. Very high ideals. Demanding and controlling.

December 23 Birthday Horoscope 2016-2017

Extremely high personal standards. Can be very successful in professional life but less so intimately. Wealthy through marriage or inheritance. Loves children. Needs a serious partner.

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Faces financial losses. Strong personality. Wants to shine. Difficult life. Unstable emotional life. Tends to go to extremes. More in love with work and career. The Sabian symbol for Capricorn representatives born on December 23rd in a leap year and a year following it:. These symbols represent things that come after the storm, after the battle, and when everything is to fall into place after a chaotic or less focused period of contemplation or exploration.

The beauty is found in faith, regeneration, and spiritual awakening, and while those born on this date often see themselves as plain humans, they will typically strive high and build their beliefs to get in touch with the unifying idea of Oneness. They strive for higher thought, but in order to reach it, they need to go through difficulties, shadows or trauma, so they can resurface on the other side where challenges are accepted just as they are.

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  • Birthday Horoscope December 23rd.
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With Mars being the guidance for individuals born on the 23rd of December, they are meant to find grounding and initiative, focus on reality instead of spinning through scenarios in their mind and philosophies and beliefs that evoke negative situations. They must care for the body, sports, exercise, and active lifestyle that will allow them to get in touch with processes in their physiology that need to connect with their emotional world and mental strivings. The first glimpse of emotional spasm found in the sign of Capricorn is seen in lives of those born on December 23rd, and they could feel unconscious fear of close contacts and intimacy before they are ready and self-taught or self-built enough to have confidence to get in touch with another person.

They feel the need to try many different things and they are curious to try themselves out in different sorts of relationships. Still, they are somehow mostly turned to long-term commitments and when in love, they stay around for as long as purpose is not completely lost. Their relationships at a young age have a great impact on their sexuality and their energy for other things in life over time.

They should choose their partners wisely and cleanse properly from emotional content blocking their path towards a creative future.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

The planetary alignment cautions against engaging in romantic liaisons with a Scorpio. Capricorn as a common occurrence in the birth signs list is placed eighth. December 23rd Horoscope Summation The presumable personalities of all Capricorn's are believed to be formulated astrologically from the influence of the planet Saturn. In love, Capricorn is permanently seeking for an attractive and sensible lover and the best to offer them this is the native born under Cancer. In fact when practical ability allied with the drive of ambition are required in employees to make a project succeed, Capricorn are the people to hire. This is one of the more charming birthdays of the year, although it can also be one that uses that charm for personal gain!

They need a calm person beside them who makes them feel safe and nurtured, so they can relax and show their own tender emotions without restraint. A person born on December 23rd is an incredible teacher when in touch with those they tutor and their own emotional world.

Your most obvious trait is pragmatism.


You are always in touch with what is happening in your world. Also, you are quite discerning. As such, you know the right solution for any given challenge. This has made into an invaluable asset in your community. Being peaceable, your desire is to propagate peace in society. Of course, you are cognizant of the fact that there can be no peace without stability. As such, you are driven by the need to enhance cohesion amongst your friends and family. You enjoy spending time in calm and soothing places.

For this reason, you are fond of travel. You like journeying to places that are near water bodies, for these give you a sense of security and reassurance. People appreciate your cool and collected demeanor. You exude a sense of calm and confidence that are admirable. All the same, you have a few areas that you need to work on. For example, you tend to be too cautious. You are afraid to burn your fingers. But, refusing to take any form of risk is a foolishness.

Money & Career

All in all, you have what it takes to make a difference. The fact that you are sensitive to the feelings of others will work in your favor. However, you need to keep an eye out for opportunities. December 23 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Capricorn. You are in the same group as people born between 22nd December and 1st January. The planet Saturn rules over this decan. As such, you possess the better qualities of Capricorn.

For example, you are reliable, affectionate, and enthusiastic. People define you by your great sense of generosity. You are selfless, and you enjoy helping others on their feet. Your birthday stands for flexibility, affection, and trustworthiness. Put these qualities to good use.

You are very keen to share your skills and knowledge with others. You get your satisfaction from helping others to achieve their dreams. Like a true Capricorn, you are very good in technical skills.